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    Unwanted Car Removal

    • Removal of unwanted and old cars/vehicles done on the same day
    • FREE pick up
    • FREE towing
    • Pick up available for any vehicle of any size
    • Time and money efficient
    • Specialise in Old Car Removals, Salvage Car Removal and Scrap Car Removal-All under one roof!
    • Service available any part of the day, 24 hours a day-7 days a week!

    ‘Cash For Cars Melbourne’ will collect your old and unwanted cars.
    Why let your unwanted metal objects sit there and rust; instead, trade them for cash!

    Dealing with us is easy and simple. If you have a car or any other vehicle, which is outdated or just standing there in your garage for ages for no purpose at all, enquire with us today.
    We have cranes and trucks for pickup.

    You can also bring it directly to us and receive immediate payment.
    we are friendly and helpful to customers.We believe in ‘we’ and the ‘customers’ being mutually benefited, so at the end of the business you go back home with a smile on your face!, and that is what we want!.

    Turn your old car, 4WD or a 2WD into ‘Hot cash’ with us. We remove cars throughout Melbourne metro areas for FREE .
    So all you need to do is sit back and relax while we take care of the business.

    Choose a removal time that suits you and your neighbours and right away speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives on the phone: +61 430 582 019/ 0408100905, and the job is done!.

    Our service is truly ‘Eco-friendly’! So come be a part of it.

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