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    Cash 4 Cars Melbourne is a child company of Afresh Metals.

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      Choose your vehicle – we take any kind of vehicle.

      Trucks, vans, SUV/wagons, sedan, hatchback and more.

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      Vehicle’s details

      Make/model, year, kilometers

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      Delivery of the vehicle

      We can either tow your vehicle or you can bring it to us.

    What we do?

    Instant cash
    for cars, we beat competitors price.

    Instant cash for cars, we beat competitors price. Offering a wide range of vehicle removal and disposal services. We accept and collect all kinds of vehicle. If your cars stuck in no where, we will be there to help you. We consider the quality of the service is more important than anything else, especially in the time our customers need us most.

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    • Wrecked car removal
    • Damaged car removal
    • Salvage car removal
    • Utes/ Trucks/ Van removal
    • Car disposal Melbourne
    • Scrap Car Melbourne

    Do you have a car that has been sitting around your yard for way too long, or it got stuck in the middle of no where? Now is the time to turn that junk into cash.

    If you want to get rid of your scrap and looking for a vehicle removal services provider then look no further.

    Got an old car not worth much anymore that you’re looking to sell? Then you’ve come to the right place!

    Our differences

    We’re not your average car wreckers

    We have recycled up to 50,000 complete cars, and up to $90,000 car bodies since 2015.

    5 Steps to selling your old car

    The new year is almost here and it is time to start saving up for that deposit on a brand new vehicle. Selling your old used car is a great way to generate some money for your new vehicle and this time of the year is the best time to sell an old car because there are so many people looking for bargains that they can pick up as soon as their Christmas bonuses star…

    Step 1 – Do your market research

    It is always good to know what the going rate is for used cars in the same condition and model as your car. Check out auto websites so you can get a better idea of the sales price of other used cars and try to establish whether your brand and type of vehicle are high in demand or will be a slow sell.

    Auto markets differ quite a lot throughout the year. Family vehicles are popular at any given time because they are usually fuel-efficient, affordable and perfect for transporting lots of people. Sports cars and collectors vehicles, on the other hand, are considered luxury items and only become popular in certain seasons such as spring opposed to winter. Trucks and vans are popular throughout the year and the value of these vehicles tends to stay stable because these vehicles are used for work purposes.

    Step 2 – Establish a competitive price for your car

    We all love our vehicles and want a good price for our old cars. But not all people share the same sentimental value as you. It is important to be objective and fair when comes to establishing a price. If you aim too high, you will have a hard time getting your car sold. By doing your research and checking out online classified ads, you can easily find out what the going rate is for your vehicle make and model.

    Alternatively, you can always give Cash 4 Cars Melbourne a call to find out what your car is worth in terms of its materials and metal. This service buys all vehicles in any shape, size or make and they offer an instant payment. You can then decide if you want to accept the offer ad sell your car right then and there or workaround that price category and advertise your vehicle for sale online.

    Step 3 – Clear your car

    Cleaner vehicles just look better. Buyers can see exactly what is going on, they can get a much better feel for the car if it is nice and clean. A clean vehicle also gives the impression that the previous owner took great care of the vehicle.

    Step 4 – Advertise

    If you are selling to a scrap car buyer then there is no need to go to extra lengths to advertise your vehicle. A reliable company like Cash 4 Cars Melbourne accept vehicles in any condition and will pay you for it. If you are selling privately online or in person, then you need to take great quality photographs and start advertising online. Be sure to advertise on various online auto dealer apps and sites so you can reach a bigger target audience.

    Step 5 – Collect Paperwork

    Gather all vehicle paperwork before your first customer arrives to view the car or when you give an auto dealer a call to come and collect the old vehicle from your property free of charge. These five steps are the basics for getting your old car sold as quick as possible and can help you gather all the cash you need so you can be ready for your buyer. Of course, however, the quickest way to bypass steps 4 and 5 is to go straight to Cash For Cars Melbourne and get instant money for your vehicle, no matter what condition it is in.


    Our customers love what we do

    See what our customers have to say for yourself!

    “Top class service!

    I called many companies regarding removing my old Toyota Camry Cash 4 cars Melbourne car removals gave me the best price and towed the car for free. Well done.”

    John smith
    01 / 02
    "Thank you!

    Cash4Cars Melbourne for their prompt service and guys were professional. Happy with the way you explained to me the process of getting rid of my car for cash. Thanks heaps”

    Maria Salas
    02 / 02

    We’re here to help

    What is Cash 4 Cars Melbourne?

    Cash 4 Cars Melbourne is Victorias premier car Removal Company buying all sorts of cars, trucks, Utes, waggons and vans in any condition. We buy your unwanted vehicle directly by paying cash on the spot. We are FAST and Reliable.

    How does our car removal process work?

    Cash 4 Cars Melbourne is Victorias premier car removal company buying all sorts of cars, trucks, utes, waggons and vans in any condition. We buy your unwanted vehicle directly by paying cash on the spot. We are fast and reliable.

    Why choose us to sell your car?

    We are quick, reliable and are committed to making the process of selling your car as easy and stress- free as possible.  We offer excellent customer service and top dollar. By selling your car for money to us you can avoid strangers and unknown car removal companies offering low prices.

    Waiting around for strangers to come test drive and ask unnecessary questions and wasting your time is not a great idea. The risk of not selling your car and keeping the car in your yard for years coupled with costing dollars for insurance is simply not worth it.

    How do we determine the valuation?

    Our quote is based on the information you provide. This might not be accurate due to the information we receive over the phone or online. Once we give an estimate we will then inspect the vehicle and give you an accurate quote.

    Why do we need your license or proof of ID when buying the car?

    At Cash 4 Cars Melbourne we take theft seriously, in order to make sure the car is yours and you have the right to sell, we check and require proof of ID.

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    Due to recent laws introduced by the state government effective since 30 May 2018, cash is now illegal for scrap cars and metals.
    Available payment options are bank transfers or cheques (no cash cheques).