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Salvage Car Removals

Our major role here is to to ‘redeem’or’rescue’ your old and disabled car/vehicle from total loss, by handing it over to the right specialist in market,
so that you return home with handsome of useful Dollars in hand.

We’ve got a large number of happy customers around Australia, having traded with us for many years now, who were benefited, and are still benefiting…

As we have great knowledge of the local area, we can be with you very quickly.

When you arrange a time for us to tow away your old car, we will be sure to arrive at the specified time, because we are able to pick up cars at any time and not just 9-5 but at a time that suits you.

Phone us at  0450166040/0450166040, to arrange a time for the collection of your scrap car and to provide us with as much information on the car as possible.

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