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    How to Sell a Car Privately

    How to sell a car privately you ask?  If your car is fully paid off it is much easier to sell privately. Simply advertise and wait for a buyer to come and have a look at your car.  If they are interested they can buy and pay the money into your bank account while you sign the change of ownership papers for them.But there is a catch here as well. Many private buyers seek out private sales because they don’t have the full amount of money on hand. They want to buy and pay you off over a period of time. This arrangement is the worst mistake you can make if you sell a car in Victoria because that buyer can change his mind at any time and give your car back while demanding his money back. The worst part is that your car can be damaged by the time they give it back.

    How to Sell a Financed Car

    Selling a car on finance can be tricky.  For private sales, you will have to advertise your car and you will either have to find a buyer who is willing to take over your down payment or someone who can get financing themselves so they can pay you off so you can squish that car debt of yours entirely.  This is however quite risky because you never know when the buyer might go back on his word and leave you in a terrible mess with late car debt payments. Banks can easily repossess your car if your payments are late which is the worst.

    The best way to sell is by selling your financed car to a dealer like Melbourne Cash 4 Cars, especially if you are selling a financed car without paying it off.  At Melbourne Cash 4 Cars, we will buy your car under finance and we will pay you up to $9,999 in cash for your old car.  You can do with the money what you please; pay your old car off, put down a deposit on a new car or use that money for some other emergency – the choice is yours.  We will draw up a fare sales contract that matches your exact requirement.

    How Long Does It Take To Sell A Car?

    When you sell a car privately it can take quite a while to get your old car sold, especially if your car is damaged or not in running condition.  It can take weeks or even months for buyers to contact you, especially if you want a good sales price for your old car.

    But when you sell a used car to Melbourne Cash 4 Cars you can get your car sold today – before the end of the day and you can have instant cash in your pocket because we pay up to $9,999 in cash the moment we pick up your car and we also offer free car pickup services anywhere in Melbourne.  Melbourne Cash 4 Cars is the best way to sell a car fast by far and it is also the most reliable way to sell your old car.

    How to Sell a Used Car

    If you want to sell a used car fast then you should give Melbourne Cash 4 Cars a call.  Selling your used car to us couldn’t be easier. Here are a few quick steps to selling your old used car;

    Step 1 – Give us a call on 0408100905 or apply for an online quote right here on our website.

    Step 2 – Receive an instant cash offer of up to $9,999 from our offices.  Our instant cash offer includes free car pickup service anywhere in Melbourne and we will also take care of all the needed paperwork for you.

    Step 3 – Accept our offer and make arrangements for the pickup date and time.

    Step 4 – We arrive with all the needed equipment for car removal and will pick up your car for free.

    Step 5 – We pay you instant cash in your hand the moment we pick up your old car.

    So if your question is how to sell a car or if you want to sell a car on finance or sell a used car then give Melbourne Cash 4 Cars a call on 0402 649 376 a call right now.

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