Can Sell Broken Car

Wondering how to sell a broken car? It can be quite a challenge to sell your broken car for cash. Most buyers want to have a look at a car and they especially prefer to take the car for a test drive before they decide to buy. A good old test drive can give a buyer quite a lot of information on the condition of your engine and the basic mechanics of your car.

When a car is broken down to the point it can’t be test driven, many buyers of parts will always be reluctant to trust the seller’s word when it comes to the condition of working-order parts. Buyers, in general, don’t want to pay much for a broken car since they can never be 100% sure of what it will cost to get the vehicle up and running again.

But selling your broken car is always a possibility and when you choose Melbourne Cash 4 Cars you can sell your broken car for cash quickly and still get a pretty fair price for your car.

Where to Sell Your Broken Car

There are, of course, plenty of ways to sell a broken car for cash. You can advertise your broken down car online on social media or on buyers websites. When you advertise yourself you can end up waiting weeks, even months before a potential buyer will become interested in your broken car. Those who are interested usually don’t want to pay you a good amount for your car or they want to agree on a down payment. In the end, you will usually end up dropping your car price or settling for a down payment and it can take months before you get your money – if you get it at all.

The best place to sell broken cars for cash is with Melbourne Cash 4 Cars. We buy broken cars of any brand, make and model in any condition. Your broken down car can have a small mechanical failure or can be a complete wreck and we will still buy it from you. The best part is that we will make an instant cash offer of up to $9,999 for your broken car and we will pay your money in cash the moment we arrive to pick up the broken car.

Free Car Pick up Anywhere In Melbourne

Melbourne Cash 4 Cars won’t just buy your broken car. We will also come to your location with all the needed equipment and we will pick it up and haul it away without costing you a dime. We even pick up car wrecks beside busy roads at the scene of an accident. There is no need for you to pay tow in services if you crash your car or to pay to get the vehicle removed from your property. Simply give us a call and we will buy your broken car.

We Will Buy Your Broken Car No Matter What the Condition

Melbourne Cash 4 Cars is a licensed auto dealer and we accept all types and brands of broken down vehicles in any condition. You can sell your broken car for cash to our company whether it is slightly damaged, have been in an accident, completely wrecked, scrapped, rusted and even if you don’t have the original paperwork for the car anymore. We accept your car no matter what the condition and we will give you instant money in your pocket for your old broken down car.

The next time you think ‘I want to sell my broken car for cash’. Don’t struggle with private sales. Contact Melbourne Cash 4 Cars on 0450166040 and we will be there to pick up your broken down car in no time at all. No more worrying about how to sell a broken car. Give us a call and we will buy it.




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