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Cash for Trucks Melbourne

When you call Cash 4 Cars Melbourne for a truck cash offer, you are connected to a trustworthy and experienced truck and 4WD buyer. We build our reputation on providing Melbourne truck owners with honest prices on their unwanted trucks and 4WDs no matter what their condition. We come to your home or office and remove it for free. Before the vehicle is loaded, we put our cash offer of up to $5999 in your hand. At Cash 4 Cars Melbourne, excellence in customer and truck removal services are our standard. Give us a call today to get a fair cash for trucks offer.

Call us at 0450166040

We are a fully licensed Used Truck Buyer, Seller and wrecker that has the experience that matters.

Our trucks are technically modern and advanced, fully equipped to carry any type of vehicle, irrespective of their size, shape or condition. Very similar to the scrap car collection, our recovery car driver will take care of all the paper work upon collection. The recovery of your vehicle will take only 5-10 minutes.. Job Done! It is really that easy once you find the right company!

We pay you a competitive price in top dollars.

•  FREE collection from any location
•  FREE ‘online quotation’
•  Service throughout Melbourne’s Metro areas

Melbourne Cash for Trucks

Whether your truck is sitting in your driveway collecting rust or you just can’t find a buyer, Cash 4 Cars Melbourne is a solution to sale your truck. We buy unwanted trucks and 4WDs of every condition and pay instant cash. We have designed our truck removals to be a hassle free selling process for truck owners of every make and model and extend to all locations in Melbourne.

We pay:

  • Cash for Used Trucks
  • Cash for Scrap Trucks
  • Cash for Accident Trucks
  • Cash for Wrecked Trucks
  • Cash for High Mileage Trucks
  • Cash for Low Mileage Trucks
  • Cash for Collision Trucks
  • Cash for Fire Trucks
  • Cash for Flooded Trucks
  • Cash for Salvage Trucks
  • Cash for Unwanted Trucks
  • Cash for Useless Trucks
  • Cash for Junk Trucks
  • Cash for Rusted Trucks
  • Cash for Damaged Trucks

Get a free instant cash for trucks offer today:
Our cash for trucks offers reach up to $5999.

When you have a:

Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Isuzu, Suzuki, Chrysler, Dodge, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, BMW, Subaru, or any other make of truck or 4WD, we will buy it for cash.

Cash for Vans Melbourne

If you’re a vehicle owner that doesn’t want to place an ad, wait for the buyer then secure payment yourself, Cash 4 Cars Melbourne is your solution to sell your van. We have a team of expert van appraisers who are the best at gauging the true value of vans of any make, model, age and condition. To get your van sold, you simply need to give us a call. In exchange, we’ll offer you up to $5999 instant cash and a free van removal. We service all suburbs in Melbourne with same day van removals.

Cash 4 Cars Melbourne isn’t just an auto buyer that is a fly by night operation. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured auto buyers and wreckers that specialise in vans of every model:

Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus and every other make on and off the market.

At Cash 4 Cars Melbourne, we don’t help you to sell your van. We buy your van over the phone or here online. While it may not sound quite legit, our van buying system is. We are an established and reputable van removal company in Melbourne that offers the best prices on vans of all conditions. We have such knowledge in vans of every make, model, age and condition that we can confidently offer you a fair price. We offer excellent customer services that offer dedicated attention to vehicle owners, helping to ensure that they have all the questions they have answered and the car removal services they require.

Our cash for vans offers include:

  • Cash for Scrap Vans
  • Cash for Used Vans
  • Cash for Accident Vans
  • Cash for Flooded Vans
  • Cash for Fire Vans
  • Cash for Salvage Vans
  • Cash for Wrecked Vans
  • Cash for Damaged Vans
  • Cash for Broken Vans
  • Cash for Wrecked Vans
  • Cash for Junk Vans
  • Cash for Unwanted Vans
  • Cash for Useless Vans
  • Cash for High Mileage Vans
  • Cash for Rusted Vans
  • Cash for Low Mileage Vans
  • Cash for Mechanical Problem Vans

One great advantage of selling your van to Cash 4 Cars Melbourne is that we don’t charge any commissions, fees, towing services or other service charges. We only offer you the most money for your vehicle.

Call us at 0450166040

Van Wreckers Melbourne

Vans have quite a bit of weight in steel in the vehicle alone. So, when you are selling your unwanted or salvage van for scrap, it is important to have a wrecker that specialises in vans. Cash 4 Cars Melbourne is that wrecker. We are knowledgeable of the weight of all makes and models of vans of any age. Our expert appraisers also are aware of the different values of parts under the hood once we recycle the parts for resale.

It is our excellent appraisers and the talent and skill of our van wreckers that allows us to offer eco-friendly Car Disposals worth up to $5999 instant cash. We are a van removal company that cares about keeping the environment green, as well as offering the best instant cash offers on car disposals.

Get a Free Van Removal

To get a free Toyota Van, Mitsubishi Van, Ford Van, Nissan Van, Chrysler Van, Mercedes Benz Van, etc. removal, just give us a call at the number below.

Cash For Utes Melbourne

If you would rather request a cash for vans, offer here online, just complete our “Instant Appraisal” form at the top right of this page.

Can’t seem to find a buyer for your unwanted Ute? Maybe you aren’t sure what to ask? Or, maybe you wouldn’t be able to find a buyer even if you did advertise the vehicle for sale. Whatever the reason for you unwanted ute removal, give Cash 4 Cars Melbourne a call. We will put up to $5999 instant cash in your hand. We are the Melbourne car removal company that has the reputation for top payouts on unwanted Utes of any condition. Give us a call today for an instant cash offer on your unwanted utility vehicle of any condition:

  • Scrap Utes – We Buy Them
  • Used Utes – We Buy Them
  • Accident Utes – We Buy Them
  • Wrecked Utes – We Buy Them
  • Unwanted Utes – We Buy Them
  • Junk Utes – We Buy Them
  • Fire Utes – We Buy Them
  • Damaged Utes – We Buy Them
  • Flooded Utes – We Buy Them
  • Salvage Utes – We Buy Them

Get cash for your unwanted or salvage ute today.

Utility vehicles can be tough to sell, especially when they aren’t in the best condition. But, when you are in the right place, selling your vehicle doesn’t have to be a nightmare. At Cash 4 Cars Melbourne, you are in the right place! We offer a solution to selling your unwanted or salvage ute to all ute owners Melbourne wide. We will buy your unwanted or salvage ute. We don’t require a lengthy selling process, or you to jump through hoops or even make repairs to your vehicle to get a fair price. We buy Utes “As Is” and pay cash on the spot.

We buy every make, model, age and condition of ute vehicles.

Used, Flooded, Damaged, Unwanted, Accident, Wrecked, Junk, Fire, Salvage, Broken, Scrap, High Mileage, Low Mileage, Mechanical Problems, Dinged and Dented

Call us at 0450166040

Ute Wreckers Melbourne

Do you have a scrap Ute? Maybe one that has been totalled in an accident? Then get the kind of cash you should for its recycling. Car removal companies should not charge a service or towing fee and should price your ute accordingly. Meaning, your scrap ute should be priced on its value in its weight of steel and its recyclable parts.

Cash 4 Cars Melbourne have expert Ute wreckers that can offer you instant cash offers that are more than fair. You’ll see a difference in our offers compared to other car removal companies in Melbourne as we recycle vehicles 100 percent.

Ready to Get an Offer For Your Ute?

To get an instant cash offer on your unwanted or salvage ute:

1. Call us at 0450166040
2. Complete our “Instant Appraisal” form located on this page. We accept all makes, models, ages and condition and offer a fair cash offer. Should you accept, we’ll schedule a same day or convenient vehicle removal; and, you’ll be paid the cash we offer when we arrive with the necessary paperwork to pick up your vehicle. Please have the title of ownership and your photo ID ready.

Our ute removals are fast and professional handled by a wrecker with years of experience. Just give us a call and we’ll make you a good cash offer for you ute of any condition:

Used, Flooded, Damaged, Unwanted, Accident, Wrecked, Junk, Fire, Salvage, Broken, Scrap, High Mileage, Low Mileage, Mechanical Problems, Dinged and Dented

Just give us a call today, and we’ll make you an offer on your unwanted or salvage Subaru.

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