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    Scrap Car Melbourne

    If your vehicle isn’t written off but you still want to scrap it, contact us now, because we are legally authorised to deal with the whole process. Reasons to choose us:

    • Your scrap car will be collected from your doorstep, absolutely free of cost to you.
    • Time and money saving process
    • Most advanced and well equipped trucks to carry and relocate any kind or even oversized vehicle.
    • Immediate cash on spot on quick evaluation

    Do you ever wonder what will you do with your old damaged car that is lying unused in your garage? Like others, do you also believe that your wrecked car is nothing but piece of junk that has no value? Luckily, you are wrong! This is because we at CASH FOR CARS Melbourne give you top dollar returns for scrap cars and also offer free towing services for your cars, on the date and time that you decide for pickup.

    Why sell scrap cars to Cash for Cars Melbourne?

    If you want to get rid of your scrap, unwanted or old vehicle and looking for a vehicle removal services provider then look no further. CASH for CARS Melbourne is a licensed car removal and recycling service provider that offers its services Melbourne wide.

    We accept:

    •    scrap cars
    •    scrap trucks
    •    scrap vans
    •    scrap 4wd
    •    scrap ute

    We know disposing of a car is more tiresome than purchasing a vehicle. It is why our friendly and experienced staff does all the required paperwork for you while you relax.

    Cash for Cars Melbourne offers the following services, bringing numerous benefits to the table for our clients. Our services include:

    •    Instant cash on spot
    •    Free pick-up and removal for scrap vehicle
    •    Free documentation for all scrap vans, trucks, cars, 4wds and utes
    •    No hidden charges for any other service
    •    Reduce carbon footprints
    •    Vehicle’s make and model don’t matter
    •    You avail timely services

    Just give us a call on our number  +61 430 582 019  You can also send your scrap and junk vehicle details by filling our online quote form by clicking on “Instant Offer” on the top right of the page.

    After analysing the scrap vehicle details, our professional customer service representative will quote you a price that no one else can compete. We come within 24 hours (or at a time of your choice and convenience) to tow your vehicle for free and pay you instant cash, on the spot.

    Scrap your old and unwanted vehicles

    If you have a junk car, the best way to make sure you are helping the environment is by selling it as a scrap car for recycling. This will not only earn you some good amount of cash, but you’ll also help in the conservation of the environment.

    • By scrapping your car you can better utilise your space.
    • Scrapping old cars prevents the mining of new metals and other mineral resources by recycling the existing ones. Every ton of steel that is recycled from these old cars helps in saving about half a ton of coal.
    • It reduces volume of solid wastes that causes landfills
    • Old cars lying in open plots can become an environmental hazard. Mercury and other heavy fluids and metals used in the construction of a modern vehicle need to be properly recycled or disposed off to ensure it doesn’t harm the welfare of humans and wildlife
    • Selling your scrap car for cash pumps more money back into the local economy of Australia, by using recycled metals
    • The best way to remove these scrap cars is to recycle them. Recycled parts and car accessories save buyers a lot of money as they are sold at a much cheaper price than new ones.
    • Recycling reduces the harmful pollutants from the automobile industries as well as preserve our natural resources.
    • One of the world’s biggest problems today is global warming. Cars that are not fit for the roads emit a large amount of gases that pollutes the environment. The best decision is to send your car for recycling and replace it with a new one.
    • The tyres are recycled as well and are turned into crumb rubber that is as resistant and strong as newly produced rubber. These are used in the manufacturing of mats and shoes.
    How to contact us?

    Contact Cash for Cars Melbourne  to give you the best price for your unwanted and old vehicles.

    • Our phone number: +61 430 582 019
    • Our email address
    • You can also fill out our online form located right above this page.

    Once we’ve taken your scrap car, we first remove the tyres and the battery and any other parts that could be reused.

    Then we separate out all the parts that can be recycled (the catalytic converter for example).
    Any hazardous parts are also removed from your scrap car and properly disposed of and any fuel remaining in the fuel tank is also removed.
    Finally, the vehicle is crushed.

    -When disposing of a vehicle, we are sure to do so in the most environmentally friendly way we can.
    Ph: +61 430 582 019

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