There are times when it is better to sell an old car in person, there are times when it is best to trade your car in at an auto dealer and there are certain times when you should sell your old car to Cash 4 Cars Melbourne. 

Selling to the right dealer or buyer can make a huge difference in how fast you can enjoy your money and in your ability to avoid after-sale issues. Here are the top times you should sell to Cash 4 Cars Melbourne rather than to other companies. 

 01. When You Need Spending Money for the Holidays

The festive season is at hand and the costs of these holidays can get pretty expensive, especially if you want to enjoy a vacation during these peek seasons.  If you feel like you need a break and don’t have enough money then you should consider selling your old car. With Cash 4 Cars Melbourne you can have instant money in your account so you can enjoy the merriest of Christmases.

 02. When You Feel Like Renovating Your Old Car

Lots of collectors love to renovate and renew old classic cars so they will once again run smoothly and look great. But this is a very expensive and tiresome hobby. Car renovations hardly ever go as planned. These extensive repairs are extremely time-consuming and can get out of budget pretty fast once the mechanic reveals all the flaws and errors on your old car. 

When you do manage to fully restore your old car you can still count on lots of breakdowns and constant issues because, in the end, it is still an old car with lots of wear and tear. If you are considering an extensive renovation project then go ahead and sell. You will be saving yourself years of frustration and a lot of money.

 03. When Your Family Grows

Did your family just expand? A new car will make a huge difference in travel comfort and road safety. Arguing children on a long journey can be quite a nightmare and with our modern high road accident risks, you just cannot travel without proper safety for everyone in the car. 

 04. When It Is Time To Upgrade

Driving an old, worn down car can be quite tiresome. These old vehicles always smell terrible, they struggle to start-up and driving an old and worn down car doesn’t do much for your self-esteem. At Cash 4 Cars Melbourne you can get up to $9999 for your old car so you can put down a nice deposit on something newer and take off in style in 2020.

 05. When You Have Been In an Accident

A car never is the same after an accident. Mechanics can only do so much to restore the damage to a damaged car and these vehicles always end up with some hidden damages that will eventually surprise you and affect road safety and your budget. It is always best to sell your car after an accident rather than risk expensive repairs and it is always better to sell to Cash 4 Cars Melbourne than to someone local that could end up haunting you when they are disappointed in the sale.

 06. When Family Wants To Buy Your Car

Don’t sell your car to family members or acquaintances. Even if your car is still in great condition, it is oftentimes a bad idea. Family members will eventually pin any future mechanical flaws the vehicle back to you and could end up blaming you for these flaws. When it comes to family, always sell your car to a dealer instead. 

 Cash 4 Cars Melbourne is a great solution for getting rid of an old car without any issues and whenever you need instant money in your account.