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    Sure Signs You Are Dealing With a Rogue Melbourne Car Wrecking Company
    cash4cars | 25 November 2021
    Sure Signs You Are Dealing With a Rogue Melbourne Car Wrecking Company

    The presence of rogue car wreckers is very real in Melbourne, and if you have been following news in the industry, you will agree that the number of people crying foul when selling their old cars keeps on increasing. It is thus necessary to know how to identify rogue Melbourne car wrecking companies and avoid dealing with them at all costs. Here are some signs to watch out for-:

    Valuing Your Car at Zero

    If you contact a Melbourne car wrecking company and after giving them the details of your car they give you a zero valuation, take to your heels immediately. It is true your car can be very old, but it can never be valued at zero. Such car wrecking companies are simply playing mind games with you so that you get the impression that your car is completely worthless and accept whatever offer they will present to you. Never agree to further the discussions with a wrecker who thinks your car’s value is nothing.

    Contacts Don’t Appear Real

    If, for instance, you get a car wrecking company claiming to be in Sydney, but the address or the telephone contacts found on their websites indicate they are not in Sydney, your scam alerts should go off immediately.  It is true that there are nationwide car wreckers who accept cars from all over the country, but when dealing with local car wreckers, their contact details should be in tandem with the regions they claim to have their offices. Why would they claim to be in Sydney yet they give Melbourne addresses?

    Fills You Up With Huge Expectations

    It is always important to get your expectations right when you want to sell your car to the car wrecking companies in Melbourne. Most of the car wrecking companies will indicate in their websites they can pay up to $10,000 for your old car, but the factors dictating the final sale price of your car vary widely.

    If the wrecking company’s representatives tell you how they can pay top dollar for your old car, come back to your senses and reason out. They should give you a correct representation of the actual value of your car and not play with your emotions by claiming you can make thousands of dollars from your old car.

    Poor Reviews Online

    Finally, if during your research, you notice there are lots of negative reviews attached to that moving company; this should be a warning sign enough for you not to consider working with them. Poor reviews shows that not so many people are happy with the experience they got and you are likely to get the same experience if you go ahead.

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