Selling a mechanical fault or engine problem car for good cash is a very tedious task. Finding the right buyer who is keen on buying your fault car is a big question. At Cash 4 Cars Melbourne we offer handsome cash amount for a problem and mechanical fault cars. Mechanical fault can be anything, due to flood damage, blown head gasket or oil leak. The issue can be small or big. Repair cost can be very expensive, a simple mechanical or electrical problem in a European car can cost up to $10,000 plus or more.

Answer: The best solution is to sell it and invest that cash in a new car.

Selling Your Engine Problem Or Mechanical Fault Vehicles Is Easy With Cash 4 Cars Melbourne

Mechanical fault or Engine problem? why not sell your car and get a new car.The best advice would be to check your car first with a mechanic and assess the cost of repairing vs buying a new car. It is always important you don’t drive an engine problem or fault cars without consulting a mechanic.

So what STEPS You Should Take Before Selling A FAULT Car?

  • Check with your local car dealers if they buy problem cars.
  • Check with the auto recycle or car removal companies like Cash 4 Cars MELBOURNEwho buys fault cars.
  • Check online send an enquiry to Cash 4 Cars Melbourne or call our friendly staff
  • Get Some Quotes from different local car removal dealers
  • Ask your mechanic or repairer a quote for repair
  • If your repair cost is very high then call Cash 4 Cars MELBOURNE to sell your car for cash
  • Advice Vic Roads In Writing
  • Hand over the number plates to Vic roads