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    Old Car Removal FAQs
    cash4cars | 25 November 2021
    Old Car Removal FAQs

    Despite having plenty of benefits to old and damaged car owners, car removal is not very popular. This can be attributed to the general lack of public awareness about these services. Many people have plenty of questions about these services that leave them unsure of whether they should get the services or not. Let’s take a look at some of these questions in a bid to clear the confusion surrounding the subject. It is important to Research a Car Removal Company before you call them.

    Must My Car Be Moving For It to Be Collected?

    The best part about Car Removal Services is that the removal companies don’t care about the condition of your car. They come armed with all the tools and equipment necessary to remove the car from your home. Even if the car were so damaged that the wheels can no longer move, they would still find a way of removing it.

    Will I Need To Pay For Towing?

    This will purely depend on the company that you choose to use because some car removal companies in Melbourne have set requirements that have to be met for the car to qualify for free towing. However, there are many that will remove it free of charge regardless of the condition it’s in or the position. It shouldn’t be hard to find a company that offers FREE removal in Melbourne.

    What Makes And Models Do Removal Companies Remove For Free?

    This is another question that you should ask when seeking removal services. This is because, after removal, any usable parts are removed and sold to people who own similar cars. With that in mind, some companies may choose to specialise in a specific make or model. Make sure that you ask about the accepted models before committing to a company. However, there are many that accept all makes and models because of the ties they have with second-hand replacement part dealers.

    Will I get a Tax Benefit?

    This is another common cause of confusion among people trying to sell their damaged cars. In some regions, the authorities might try and encourage the removal of old and damaged cars from the streets by giving tax benefits to people who choose to remove their cars. However, this is only applicable in some regions so make sure that you check with your local authorities to find out if you qualify.

    How long before I get my money?

    While most people sell their used cars out of a need to make space for the new one which is more reliable and friendlier to the environment, there are a few who sell it because they urgently need some money. If this is the case, the time taken to get your cash becomes very important.

    In Melbourne, there are a few removal companies that will give you cash on the spot when they come to collect the car. You only need to provide the necessary paperwork, and you will get your money. Some are even able to conduct the whole process of evaluation and collection in a single day.

    My car is completely totalled. Can I get some money for it?

    Car wreckers and removal companies don’t look at the car as a complete unit. They disintegrate it and remove any useful part that might be in there. So regardless of what your insurance company tells you, you will still be able to get something in return for your car when you send it to a car wrecker. The amount will vary from one car wrecker to the other, which is why you need to ask for quotes from a number of companies before settling on one.

    Can I remove some parts such as the battery from my old car?

    The terms of sale of your car to the car removal company are on an as-is basis. There are no expectations on the condition of the car as long as it is an accepted make and model. The company will evaluate the car and give you a figure that they are willing to pay in exchange for the car. If you agree, then they will take the car and make arrangements to have you paid.

    However, make sure that you remove all the parts that you would like to keep before the car is inspected because some parts might affect the quote that you will be given and as a result, they will not be happy when you try to remove them after the car has already been inspected.

    How do I know if a car removal company is legit?

    There are many ways of telling is a car removal company is legit. First, you can look at the number of years in operation. If the company has been around for a while, the chances are that they give quality services. Another thing that you should look at is licensing by local authorities. Particularly, the company should be licensed by the government’s environment agency because this industry deals with a lot of waste materials.

    Just like any other business, you should also read some past customer testimonials to know the kind of service delivery to expect.

    Cash 4 Cars  Melbourne is one of the top renowned car removal companies in Australia. The company focusses its services on Melbourne and its environs so feel free to contact them if you have any other questions about the process of car removal.