Need some money fast? Many people fall into all types of emergency situations where you instantly need some money but payday is still well out of sight. 

 There aren’t too many reliable ways to make some instant cash and getting a loan can seem a little far fetched, because a lot of the time it is. Especially if you happen to have an unused or even bombed vehicle at home that you’re not getting any value out of!

At Cash 4 Cars Melbourne we have an alternative solution for you that don’t result in any payable interest or repayment of any loans whatsoever. You can sell your old car to our buyers and we will pay you instantly for your old car – no matter its condition. With Cash 4 Cars Melbourne you always have a way to get your hands on some emergency cash without affecting your credit score in any way.

We Buy Any Type of Old Car

If you think that your old car won’t be good enough to fetch a fair price then think again. We buy any type of car in any type of condition. 

All brands – We will buy your car irrespective of the brand. We are happy to take any Volvo, Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford or any other brand off your hands.

All models – We buy all models. You can sell that old car your grandmother gave you or get a new model exchanged for some good hard money.

All types of cars – Do you have a small car, family car, SUV, 4WD vehicle, truck or minibus? We take any of these types of cars no matter how modified they might be.

We buy cars in any condition – Our company has a use for your car if it is still in good running condition or a complete wreck. We will buy your car from you no matter how old or junky it might be. 

Reasons You Win When You Sell To Cash 4 Cars Melbourne

Our company is the best if you need to make quick money on the spot because we offer the best benefits. Here are the top reasons you win when you sell to our company.

You don’t have to spend money – There is no need for you to spend extra money on auto repairs before you can get your car sold. We take it as is.

Save money on towing – You don’t need to pay an expensive breakdown service to get your car transported. We offer free car removal services and will come and collect your old car at your property free of charge. 

No waiting for money – There is no need for you to wait for your money. When you sell to us, your money will be paid into your account the moment we arrive to remove your old vehicle.

Interest-free cash – Our service is designed to help you out of your emergency. Sell an old junk car that is in your way and you get instant money without having to pay a dime on interest. 

No expensive repayment – When you trade an old broken down car for money, you don’t have to deal with an expensive repayment plan. 

We pay a fair price – Our company will offer you a fair price for your old car and you have full control over whether you decide to sell or not.

 For instant money in your , you should consider selling an old vehicle to Cash 4 Cars Melbourne. Our company offers the best exit strategy so you can get out of your financial pickle without having to struggle to claw your way out of debt afterward.