What Is Your Car Worth

Everyone reaches that point where it is time to say goodbye to an old car so you can sell it and upgrade to a new and more reliable vehicle. When this time comes your biggest question will be; What is my car worth?

It can be tough to figure out what an old car is worth.  If you charge too much for your old car you probably won’t get it sold and no one wants to give a car that had cost them a lot in the past to someone else for too big a bargain.  You do need that money to put down as a deposit on your new vehicle, after all.

A Quick Way to Find Out Exactly What Your Car Is Worth

If you are wondering “What is my car worth now” then the quickest way to find out is by giving Melbourne Cash 4 Cars a call on 0402 649 376.  Tell us more about your car and we will give you an instant cash offer of up to $9,999 for your old car.  

What Is My Car Worth in Australia

Most people will first try to establish the value of their car to see if they can sell in person or to figure out if they have a good deal on hand after calling Melbourne Cash 4 Cars.  There are quite a few things that can affect the value of your car such as the following;

Brand – Certain brand vehicles are more expensive and sought after than others.  For example, a Mini Cooper is valued much higher than an old Toyota sedan of the same year.

Condition – The condition of your old car has a huge impact on the value.  If your car is noticeable damaged or not in a running condition then you probably won’t get much for it because it is going to cost a lot to get it fixed up.

Year model – The older cars are the cheaper they usually become.  If your car is very old the chances of plenty of mechanical issues are high and people just don’t want to buy.

Good Reasons to Sell Your Car to Melbourne Cash 4 Cars

The chances are pretty good that Melbourne Cash 4 Cars will give you the best instant cash offer for your car but this is hardly the only reason to sell to us.  Here are a few other good reasons to sell your car to us:

  • Free car pick up at any location in and around Melbourne
  • We accept your car in any condition, running or not and even wrecked cars are welcome
  • We will take your car the very same day
  • You will get your money the moment we pick up your car
  • No need to fix your car up before selling it

If you are wondering; “What is my car worth today?” Then give us a call on 0402 649 376 and we will be there in just a short while with up to $9,9999 in cash to pick up your car for free.  




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