There are lots of old car types available in our beautiful country.  Passenger cars, trucks, UTE’s, 4×4’s and more are all created to satisfy the different tastes and needs of Australians.  When these cars age from brand new stage to older, they are also referred to in different terms.  First, your car will be called a second-hand vehicle, pre-loved car or used car.  Then your car will become an old vehicle.  And some popular vehicle shapes and brands will turn into classic cars that remain desirable no matter how much time passes.  Cars that become worn down, old, dented or that get into accidents fall under the damaged vehicle division and vehicles that are extremely undesirable, very damaged or stripped become wrecks or bombs. 

What  Is A Bomb?

Relax.  These bombs don’t explode.  In fact, they don’t do anything at all.  A car bomb is also referred to as a carcass in other countries.  Vehicles are turned into a bomb when all useful parts such as the engine, doors, windows, electrical components, seats, wheels and more are stripped away and used for fixing up other vehicles.  Most cars that become bombs are either old or were damaged in an accident.  All useful or reusable spare parts are stripped away to repair other vehicles and many owners strip their old cars for parts to sell when they are in need of a bit of spending money.

We’ll Buy Your Bomb

At Cars 4 Cash Melbourne we are constantly looking for all types of unwanted and wrecked cars and we will also take your bomb off your hands no matter how old, damaged, rusted or stripped away your bomb might be. We will even take your old car even if nothing but the frame remains and you will still receive good value for your bomb no matter how bad the condition of the vehicle might be.  It doesn’t matter if your bomb is a passenger car, a sedan, hatchback, SUV, truck, 4X4, minivan, minibus, bus or even a trailer.  We need it and will buy it from you. 

We’ll Also Buy Other Unwanted and Wrecked Cars

And if your car isn’t a bomb just yet, we will also take it off your hands.  We buy any and all unwanted, wrecked or scrap cars.  Our business will also take any type, brand, or model vehicle off your hand whether it is a new car that was totalled, an old car that is still in relatively good condition or a car that has been stripped down for spare parts.

How to Sell Your Bomb?

Get a quote – To sell your bomb, all you need to do is to contact Cars 4 Cash Melbourne.  You can do this by giving us a call on 0450 166 040 or by filling out our online quote form.  Tell us more about your bomb and your current location.  We will give you a free instant quote for your old stripped car.   

Schedule your pickup – Once you accept the quote we will schedule a pickup at any time convenient to you.  Our business is operational 7 days a week and pickups can even be arranged after hours.

Get paid – Upon arrival, we will take a look at our bomb, pick it up and pay you money into your account before your bomb will be towed away from your property.  Our bomb removal services are 100% free and you can get a pickup arranged on the very same day you contact our business.

Don’t struggle to get your bomb sold online or to auto shops.  Give Cars 4 Cash Melbourne a call and we will be there to pick it up in no time at all.