For a car wrecker, figuring out a fair price isn’t always easy. Like all other vehicles that are still in good condition, there are several things that could affect the value of your old car. This includes the car brand, year model, condition, the extent of the damage and mileage all could have a huge impact on the value of your car. 

At Cash 4 Cars Melbourne, we always try our best to be fair when it comes to price and we always offer our customers the best possible price for their old, damaged, wrecked cars.

You Can Get a Free Online Quote

Getting a price estimation for your old car couldn’t be easier. You can simply request a free quote online by filling out a simple online form. In your message, give us more detail about the car model, year, brand and condition of your old car. Our team will get back to you shortly with a quotation. 

Receive an Accurate Quote Upon Inspection

It is impossible for anyone to give an accurate quote based on online information. Our auto wreckers need to come and inspect your car to see what the exact condition of your vehicle is. The following items will be checked during our inspection.

Brand – Some brands of vehicles are much more valuable than others. This is true even though the car might be old or damaged.

Year model – The older your car is the more it decreases in value unless, of course, you have a collector’s item or vintage vehicle that could be salvaged for rare parts.

Condition – Our business is registered with the government’s environment agency and is an authorised end of life vehicle center. We use old vehicle parts in a recycling program and metal recycling program. Before we can give you an accurate estimation of your vehicles worth we need to inspect it to see just how much is salvageable. 

For metal recycling, the condition of your bodywork doesn’t matter since the metal will be melted down and recycled into new products. Any parts of your vehicle that is still in good condition such as the engine, engine parts, seats, body parts such as doors and hoods, wheels, electric components and more can be harvested and reused to keep other vehicles on the road. Even, if your car is particularly damaged the chances are good that we can only utilise it for scrap metal but if it is still in fairly good condition we could harvest parts and your car could be much more valuable.

Legal aspects – We take auto theft seriously and won’t accept your car if it isn’t licensed in your name with the correct VIN number. 

Once you agree on the quote we give you for your old car we will pay you the full agreed amount of money and will then pick up your old car from your property for free. In most cases, our car wrecker services can pick up the car the very same day or upon your schedule. We are open seven days a week and welcome you to request a free online quote or inspection quote so you can move on from your old damaged car with ease. 

To learn more information about vehicles we will buy from you and how we evaluate them, contact our friendly team at Cash 4 Cars Melbourne today.