Everyone wants to drive the latest and best cars and when you are in the process of buying a new car you probably cannot wait to trade in your old junk car for something newer. The excitement holds right until that moment when you have to actually say goodbye to your old car and then memories start to flood your mind. Memories such as a first kiss in that car, a first drive with your license, a trip to your first job or a spectacular holiday might just inspire you to actually keep your old car instead of selling it so you can get some deposit money for a new car.

For many people, the sentimental value gets the better hand and then they do decide to keep their old car. If you are tempted to also keep your old car instead of selling it then perhaps you should reflect on these moments in order to get a bit more clarity. 


  • That Time You Were Stuck Beside the Road


Everyone that drives an old car gets stuck at the roadside at one point or another. You get stuck with the sun beating down on you and plenty of other drivers speeding by without any indication that they ever saw you standing there in need. The feeling of embarrassment or memory of the long tedious wait for your insurance or your lift to get you out of there is worth keeping in mind when you think of holding onto your old car.


  • That Time When You Had To Pay an Expensive Repair Bill


Old cars break down all the time and car repairs are never cheap. Do you remember that expensive bill you got smack in the middle of the month that you were completely broke? This is a good memory to cling to if you feel like keeping your old car.


  • That Time Your Car Broke Down – Just After Getting It Fixed


We’re going to say it again; old cars break down all the time. Do you remember that time you just finished paying off your previous breakdown bill only to get another breakdown? When you drive an old car you can count on one thing; lots and lots of repairs. 


  • That Time Your Kids Asked You to Stop A Few Blocks Away So They Can Walk 


Children feel social pressure all the time and dropping them off at school or at a friend’s house in your old junky car can be pretty mortifying to them. If your children are asking you if they can walk to school instead of being driven then it might be time to reconsider your decision to keep your old car.


  • That Time You Ran Out Of Gas


Older vehicles are not too fuel efficient and many of them are fitted with a pretty small tank. You will be amazed at how many times you can accidentally run out of gas and end up in a pickle just because you didn’t keep an eye on the fuel gauge.


  • That Time You Almost Died Of Heatstroke! 


Your old car likely doesn’t have a well-functioning air conditioner, if it has one at all. Do you remember that time you took on a very long, very hot and very exhausting road trip… Just the thought of another trip in the blazing Australian heat should be enough to inspire you to reconsider keeping your car.


  • That Time You Couldn’t Find Parts


As your car gets older, spare parts and even service parts become harder to find. Do you remember that time your car had to remain parked for weeks until your spare arrived on special order? If you do then it is probably time for an upgrade.

Once you are ready to trade in your old or bombed vehicle for something newer or more reliable, give Cash 4 Cars Melbourne a call. We can be at your doorstep before dusk today to collect your old car. Our business pays a fair price for any type of car or ute, any brand or model car you might have so you can move on to something better and more reliable right away.