Car dealers are often pretty fussy when it comes to car brand, make and type. They are only willing to buy vehicles that are popular or high in demand in public so they can get these vehicles resold quicker. When you do get to convince auto dealers to buy your old car they don’t offer you a lot of money.

If you are tired of struggling to find a worthy buyer that will pay you a fair price for your vehicle despite its age, condition and type then you should give our offices at Cash 4 Cars Melbourne a call right now. 

At Cash 4 Cars Melbourne we are happy to take a variety of vehicle types off your hands without a struggle. Here is a look at the top 4 cars you can sell to our company right now so you can get your hands on money instantly;

01. Family Vehicles

Family cars are the most commonly found or most popular vehicle type on the market. These vehicles are normal-sized and usually provide enough seating for the entire family. They come in a variety of styles such as hatchback, sedan, MPV’s, estates, cabriolets and more. Most auto dealers are very enthusiastic about buying family vehicles and Cash 4 Cars Melbourne is no acceptation.

02. Ute Vehicles

UTE vehicles are also referred to as utility or coupe vehicles. These vehicles are built on the chassis of passenger cars but instead of a full passenger body, the vehicle has a cargo tray.  Vehicles with an open cargo area are now more commonly referred to as a pickup truck in Australia and especially in other countries. 

There are quite a few different types of UTE or pickup trucks available on the market. They range from small 2X4 vehicles to large 4X4 vehicles and can be of 2-door or 4-door design. UTE’s are available in a huge variety of brands, makes and models and are almost just as popular on roads as family cars because they can be used to haul, load and transport both people and other goods.

03. Vans or Small Busses

Vans or small busses are characterized as passenger vehicles and are mostly used for public transportation. There are however lots of large families that prefer to buy vans or minibuses above family cars because they prefer the added seating and space.

Just about every brand of vehicle on the market does have a van or minibus in their range.  These vehicles are very popular in commercial industries since they offer a lot more seating and comfort. 

04. Trucks

Trucks or lorry vehicles are designed to transport cargo. These vehicles too are available in a wide range of brands and sizes although not as many auto brands do distribute trucks since they are not very high in demand amongst average households. 

At Cash 4 Cars we will be happy to buy any of these vehicle types from you and we are not fussy about the brand, make or model of your car at all. You can contact us for a price on any of these car conditions;

  • We buy all brands from Volkswagen to Nissan and more
  • We will buy your car whether it is still relatively new or old and worn down
  • You can sell vehicles that are in great condition or get good money for a car that was just wrecked on the roads
  • We are happy to buy any sized vehicle from small to large from you.

 For all the best price for your car despite its size and brand we welcome you to give our services a try by calling Cash 4 Cars Melbourne for a free quote.